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About Us:

Founded in 2012, SonyaSoft has developed clinical information systems, medical device software, quality control and defect tracking tools for the industry, working with companies including Medical Services Company, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston Scientific, Hemedex, Kaon, FluidSense and Sectra.
SonyaSoft provides innovative software solutions and quality control tools such as “QATrack” and “Web Data Manager” for web based defect tracking and Data analysis.
Over the years we have supported our clients with the highest level of knowledge and commitment, optimizing our software processes for their specific needs. Working from concept to delivery, maintain cost efficiency, reduce risk, and keep to schedule, we bring software and quality together to solve our clients' needs.
SonyaSoft works as a team with all it’s clients to get the job done – whether it is getting the product to market or troubleshooting challenging technical issues.

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